Training Camp Day 2: A Fan's Perspective


This is just a quick rundown of things I saw on and off the field during the first two days.

  • The starting O-line for the Falcons thus far has been Baker, Blalock, Konz, Reynolds, Johnson. It is hard to tell how well they are really doing without pads and contact, but that is a big beefy line. I think this is the group with the most potential as well.
  • I've said this before in comments, but Steven Jackson is HUGE. He is bigger than any of the Falcon linebackers (Stephen Nicholas is taller but not as ripped). And as a bonus, he doesn't waddle back to the huddle (sorry MT).
  • Matt Ryan has been hitting the weights. He looks thicker and in a good way - not the Phillipkeith Manley way. His passing was crisp and accurate. He threw a deep sideline pass to Harry Douglas on one play that traveled 30 plus yards in the air and hit him in stride. The timing was great.
  • Speaking of Harry Douglas, he looks like the best of the "second tier" wide receivers (I hear the groans already). I think mainly because he knows the playbook better and has some chemistry with Matt Ryan. I really like Kevin Cone. He is more of a possession style receiver, and he graduated from Georgia Tech so he probably has a good head on his shoulders.
  • Chase Coffman is still impressive. He only took a couple of reps with the first team offense but he looks like the backup apparent to Tony Gonzalez.
  • This is old news, but the defense is rowdy. Sean Weatherspoon and Asante Samuel are both extremely vocal and set the tone for a very boisterous group.
  • At this point, Alford looks better than Trufant. Alford is very physical off the line and seems to have a knack for getting his hands on the ball. Trufant has really good recovery speed,but I was disappointed to see Dominick Davis pick him apart with 2nd and 3rd string receivers. Trufant did have a nice pick on a Matt Ryan to Roddy White pass later in the day. Personally I think Trufant is an Asante Samuel clone. He'll have his share of interceptions, but he is going to give up the big play when he guesses wrong.
  • The 1st team defensive line was Biermann, Babs, Peters, and Osi. But with Mike Nolan, this is an always changing/evolving group. One thing that isn't replicated well in training camp is the "amoeba" style defense you see in games.
  • Stephen Nicholas did a good job covering Tony Gonzalez. Not much else to say, but hopefully that is a good sign.

A few other things worth mentioning:

  • The giant heart attack on a bun has been named "The Game Changer"
  • Great to see a ton of kids at the Training Camp. Looks like there are plenty of future fans being raised properly.
  • The weather has been great. It sprinkled towards the end of practice today but for the most part it was a beautiful, partly-cloudy Georgia afternoon.

Alright that is about all I noticed. I'll check back in a few days with any changes.

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