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Julio Jones Just Straight Up Picking On Desmond Trufant


One of the great subplots of any training camp is "veteran embarrasses rookie" or "rookie shows great chops." When Julio Jones is involved, you can bet it's the former.

According to the AJC, Julio Jones has been victimizing Desmond Trufant today, showing the rookie why he's considered one of the best receivers in the league by blowing by him and again and again in one-on-one drills. This isn't cause to be concerned about Trufant, who is going to be learning a lot and adjusting to the pro game. It's more an amusing look at how ridiculous Julio Jones is that on one-on-one drills at training camp, he can destroy a highly touted rookie without breakign a sweat.

I've always believed baptism by fire is the way to go, and Julio Jones is a raging inferno of talent. Watch how Trufant develops.

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