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Day One Of Falcons Training Camp Is Done

On to the days ahead.

Kevin Liles-USA TODAY Sports

Training camp is where the natural separation of an NFL roster inevitably begins. Those who will make the final roster are tested, and those who are not going to gain at least some valuable experience before they begin searching for a new job.

With one day in the books, we don't know much, and neither does the coaching staff. They have their early notes and ideas, yes, but it's telling that all Mike Smith says after the first day is that the tempo was good. There's a lot of drills and determinations left to go.

VIDEO: Mike Smith talks to the press and also our hearts

Still, the mere fact that the first day was in the books and we're off to an encouraging start is enough to celebrate. After all, this is a contending football team that just locked up its franchise quarterback for several seasons and brought aboard one of the best running backs of the current generation and one of the better defensive ends, too. There will be plenty of time to winnow. For now, just seeing these guys actually run around is worth the price of admission.

Your thoughts on the first day of training camp, if you were in attendance?