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The Complete 2013 Atlanta Falcons Training Camp Schedule


It's here! Training camp is here! Football! YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Ahem. While it's extremely important that football is, in some form, actually returning to our lives, you probably want to know how you can go catch some of the action. As it turns out, many practices are open to the public, so you can drive on down to Flowery Branch and check it out for yourself.

Courtesy of the motehrship, here's a look at the full schedule.

Date Practice Times Location
Thursday, July 25 3:30-5:50 p.m. Flowery Branch
Friday, July 26 3:30-5:50 p.m. Flowery Branch
Saturday, July 27 3:30-6:05 p.m. Flowery Branch
Sunday, July 28 3:30-6:05 p.m. Flowery Branch
Monday, July 29 3:30-6:05 p.m. Flowery Branch
Tuesday, July 30 3:30-6:05 p.m. Flowery Branch
Wednesday, July 31 Player Day Off N/A
Thursday, August 1 3:30-6:05 p.m. Flowery Branch
Friday, August 2 6:45-9:10 p.m. Kia Motors Friday Night Lights, Bobby Gruhn Field at City Park Stadium
Saturday, August 3 Player Day Off N/A
Sunday, August 4 3:30-6 p.m. Flowery Branch
Monday, August 5 3-5:30 p.m. Flowery Branch (Combined practice with Bengals)
Tuesday, August 6 3-5:20 p.m. Flowery Branch (Combined practice with Bengals)
Thursday, August 8 8 p.m. Georgia Dome, Preseason vs. Bengals, ESPN
Friday, August 9 Player Day Off N/A
Saturday, August 10 3:30-6:05 p.m. Flowery Branch
Sunday, August 11 3:30-6:05 p.m. Flowery Branch

Are you heading over? If so, let us know and be sure to share your observations!

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