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Tim Toone Waived, Wave Goodbye

The punt returner hopeful is on his way out of Atlanta.

Joel Auerbach

Tim Toone entered last year with a legitimate shot at the punt returner job and a chance to occasionally show up on the stat sheet at wide receiver. This year, he'll be looking for work with another team.

It's a shame, really, because we all would have suffered from less migraines if Toone had been healthy and able to seize the PR role in 2012. In 2013, however, the Falcons have added more UDFA receivers to the mix, Kevin Cone and Drew Davis are another year along on their development and Robert Alford is known as a dynamic returner. It was going to be tough for Toone to break through, given those realities, so the Falcons gave him a head start on catching on with another team.

Adios, Tim Toone.