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Falcons Under-The-Radar Training Camp Battles In Brief

We won't be covering these in detail, but they matter.


Time is growing short before the start of training camp, which means we won't have comprehensive breakdowns of every matchup. That doesn't mean readers aren't still intrigued by some of the less impactful matchups, however!

Given the interest in backups, sandwiches and more, I wanted to quickly glance at some key battles that lie ahead. You'll find a great list at the mothership, as well.

  1. Backup QB. Dominique Davis is the easy favorite here, but Sean Renfree and Seth Doege will be fighting for the third spot
  2. Receivers. Harry Douglas is probably locked in for the slot, but who takes the #4 and #5 jobs? Drew Davis, Marcus Jackson, Tim Toone and Kevin Cone are all in the mix.
  3. Punt Returner. It won't be Dominique Franks if this team is sane, but Tim Toone, Harry Douglas, and Robert Alford are certainly capable options.
  4. Backup safety. Zeke Motta. Charles Mitchell. Kemal Ishmael. GET EXCITED!
  5. Sandwich. Will the new, heart-stopping sandwich replace the peanut butter and jelly in our hearts?

Share your favorite matchups in the comments.

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