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NFLPA Release Annual Training Camp Guide

Fact: DeMaurice Smith is a paramecium brain.

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The NFL Player's Association sent out their official training camp guide today. I can't link to it here because I'm technology-challenged, but trust me, it's full of fun facts!

First, did you know that during training camp, rookies earn just $925/week, while veterans earn $1,700/week? Obviously they make a whole lot more during the regular season.

Second, there are very strict rules governing training camp. On the first day, running/conditioning is the only on-field activity allowed. Days two and three can't involve pads or contact. From day four on, teams are allowed one padded practice and one "walk through" (read: no helmets, full speed before the snap, and walking pace after the snap) per day. The padded practice can't exceed three hours, and there must be three hours between the padded practice and the walk through. Players can't be on the field for any more than four hours in a given day, and they're entitled to an off day each week.

Third, HGH Population Sample blood testing will take place. Each player will provide a sample. The stated purpose of this testing is to establish a baseline for future tests. The players all jacked up on HGH will presumably screw with the baseline, but the NFLPA doesn't really care has scientists they're paying to "sort that out." To that effect, there's a chance any future HGH testing program would impose penalties retroactively. As such, the NFLPA will delay the implementation of any such program if you're juicing now, there could be consequences in the future. Sounds scary. Or not. Whatevs!

Your thoughts?