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Trufant's Agent Says They're Hopeful Deal Gets Done Before Camp Starts

Fact: Desmond Trufant bowls overhand.

Todd Kirkland

A glimmer of hope emerged in the Desmond Trufant contract "dispute" today (take note of the quotation marks - they're there for a reason). The Falcons haven't commented about getting a contract done before camp, because they make a habit of stealth roster management. Trufant's agent says they're optimistic a contract will get done very soon.

"The talks are ongoing with the intent to get it done prior to camp,” said agent Doug Hendrickson, who represents Trufant, on Monday. “He played extremely well when he was there (for rookie minicamp, part of OTAs and the mandatory minicamp.) He wants to be there and they want him there.”

I'm not certain Hendrickson, or any similarly-situated agent, would say anything else. As such, you shouldn't read into his comments too much. I mean, what's he going to say? "He wants to get paid - and he won't be in camp until they pay him what he's worth!" Absolutely not. He has to say what he said; he has no choice.

To be sure, we at The Falcoholic don't like to create drama where it doesn't exist, but this is certainly newsworthy. I'm sure both sides wanted this done and over with already. With that said, let's consider what we know. First, a contract isn't done. Rats! Second, players are set to report Wednesday, with camp officially starting Thursday. Third, Trufant wants to be compensated like the 22nd pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, Brandon Weeden. Fourth, Dave is the scariest drunk you'll ever meet.

There's a lot of conjecture surrounding this thing. As I mentioned in my post yesterday, it's not right to indict Trufant at this point. He could very well sign a contract tomorrow, and this would be an afterthought in days. All that matters is a contract being inked. If that ink isn't dry when camp starts, that's fine, as long as it's on paper. On some level, you'd think Trufant understands his situation. He can't be foolish enough to think he has the superior bargaining position. This should get done. Fingers crossed.

Your thoughts?