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Why 2013 Is A Big Year For Corey Peters

The veteran defensive tackle is at a crucial place in his development.

Streeter Lecka

There's a number of Falcons who have a chance to pump up their value in 2013, but one man looms larger than the rest, and not just because he is a very large man. That man is Corey Peters.

Peters has been an interesting case. He was criminally undervalued his first couple of years in the league, showing up in at least one Bleacher Report slideshow as one of the worst defensive tackles in the league, and just generally getting a lot of flack that made no sense at the time. Peters was a starter because he was stout against the run and could help out as a pass rusher in a pinch.

Fast forward to 2012, when an injury sapped his effectiveness for much of the year. It's fair to say that with free agency looming in 2014, this is a big year for Peters, who will have to show he's the guy he was earlier in his career in order to get that next big contract.

I think Peters has an excellent chance of doing so. No one dings his work ethic, he has a well-rounded skillset and the Falcons are staring at three free agent defensive tackles going into 2014. If Peters can play as well as he has in years past and fend off Travian Robertson, he ought to have no problem picking up a starter's contract, one that will hopefully come from the Falcons.

How do you think Peters will fare in 2013?