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Desmond Trufant's Contract Dispute Means Robert Alford Could Get A Leg Up

The rookie competition for a starting cornerback job could get interesting.


This is early, it's conjecture, the moon isn't aligned with Venu's seventh vacation home and all that jazz. Still, Desmond Trufant's contract dispute is making me think we might actually see Robert Alford start this season.

I remain convinced that in a fair competition, with both men breaking camp with the team, Trufant would come away the winner. He's more of a finished product at cornerback than Alford, and he's got that first round pedigree.

If the dispute stretches out at all, however, Alford could have the chance to get some valuable reps and impress the coaching staff, building up an early advantage. It's not like the guy's a slouch, given

If that did happen, you could expect Trufant to still pull a few reps outside and position himself for a starting job in 2014. A lengthy holdout would give Alford his chance to shine, and he could run with the job if he has a head start on Trufant.

I'm not seriously entertaining the possibility that Dominique Franks might win the job. Sorry.

To be clear, I still believe the likeliest outcome is Trufant winning a job opposite Asante Samuel, with Alford's opportunity to come a year from now when Samuel (likely) moves on. You just can't completely discount this possibility until the Falcons have a signed contract with Trufant.

Your thoughts?