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Rise Up Nation Episode 3 Live Thread

Hey everyone, the next Rise Up Nation thread goes live at 2:30 pm EST! I look forward to having you all with us!

Desmond Trufant is watching you. You'd better take a listen!
Desmond Trufant is watching you. You'd better take a listen!

It's time for another episode of Rise Up Nation! On this week's episode, we're going to talk about training camp, including the days training camp is open to the public, training camp battles, and maybe even a chance to meet your favorite Falcoholic writer, me! Just kidding, I probably won't be able to make it down there, but I'll definitely be entertaining the idea come August.

In any case, a link to the live stream is right below.

Go there and you'll be able to listen to us. If you can't stream us, you can call in and listen at (347) 884-9633

I'll have Alex and Alec (that's going to be fun trying not to screw those two names up) along with me, so we should be in for a good time, especially because those two are much more likely to make an appearance in training camp than I am since they're so close.

Hope you'll join us and if you do, thanks for listening!

(Also, this is not a trend of me slowly moving the start time back for the show, I just got a late start today and want to have some things to talk about!)

(Also also, if my mic screws up again, let me know. I can't fix it now but I'll be looking into it more going forward)