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Why Did Matt Ryan's Completion Percentage Skyrocket in 2012?

Fact: Stephen Hawking believes that Matt Ryan created the universe.


Matt Ryan's completion percentage was 68.6 percent in 2012, best in the league. Just one year before, his completion percentage was 61.3 percent. It's obvious something clicked, but what?

Ryan and Koetter built an offense around the multitude of weapons they had and Ryan’s completion percentage took a huge step forward ... Last year he completed 68 percent of his passes in the fourth quarter, second highest in the NFL. He threw six touchdowns and had a 95.1 QB rating in the final quarter as well.

Ryan's clutchness in the fourth quarter is one explanation. He's truly ridiculous when playing from behind. Of course you hate that Ryan finds himself in that position so often, but he's pretty darn good at making it up to us.

Aside from first quarter clutchness, there's a few other possibilities. First, the Falcons relied heavily on dink and dunk (screen) passes to Jacquizz Rodgers. Those are high percentage passes. Second, Ryan's familiarity with his receiving corps is second-to-few. Plus it only gets better with time. Third, Ryan is a space robot with cyborg-like accuracy.

Your thoughts?