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Matt Ryan Can Afford Learning Curve at Right Tackle

Fact: Bigfoot tries to capture photos of Lamar Holmes.

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Joe Robbins

It doesn't much matter who starts at right tackle, because Matt Ryan handles pressure from the right side like a boss.

[T]he Falcons’ re-signing of left tackle Sam Baker may end up being one of the most important of the offseason (assuming he continues to play well) given Ryan’s difficulty when pressure comes off his edge. Ryan is one of the league’s worst when pressured from left tackle at -12.7 but he is well above average when it comes from right tackle (+8.5).

Maybe a slight exaggeration on my part (shocking) but you have to be encouraged reading that. I certainly am.

It may be Mike Johnson, or it may be Lamar Holmes. Whomever starts at right tackle has the luxury of knowing he need only trend in the right direction. Do that, and do it consistently. With Matt Ryan behind the wheel, a learning curve won't completely handicap this team. Huzzah!

Your thoughts?