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Don't Get Too Attached To Those Falcons UDFAs

Mike Zarrilli

One of the hardest parts of training camp and pre-season plays out year after year. There are three steps:

  • From April on, you get particularly attached to a rookie, probably an UDFA that you think can help the team
  • The UDFA does not distinguish himself, despite your repeated predictions he will
  • The UDFA gets cut and your world is anguish

We've all been there with our pet prospect at some point in the last few years.I've been a fan of everyone from David Irons to Dominique Franks over the years, and they haven't all worked out. In fact, I'd even suggest that most of them have not. That's the danger of liking a guy with a low round pedigree, or an undrafted free agent.

Maybe one or two of these guys will stick, but the odds are against your personal favorite. You may want to remember to gird yourself.

Don't get too attached.