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Matt Bryant Is Locked In At Kicker



You'll excuse the analogy, but with kickers, the wheels can fall off at any time. That's why Matt Bryant's reliability for the Atlanta Falcons has been such a blessing.

Neil Rackers is a great example of a terrific kicker who suddenly found himself struggling for work. Jason Elam dropped off a cliff. Bryant's day could still be coming, but he's been astonishingly effective for our beloved Falcons.

How effective, you ask? As the mothership notes, Bryant's 88.6% field goal percentage is the second-highest in the league since 2009. Also, last year, when he made ballsy kick after ballsy kick, the dude was 38 years old. When I'm 38 years old, I'll be lucky to be moving sans Segway.

So needless to say, the Falcons won't be worrying about kicker in 2013. If Bryant can be anywhere near this effective again this season, the team's kicker situation will be one of the best in the league.

Your thoughts on Bryant?