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Rise Up Nation Episode 2: NFC South Preview

Hey everyone, welcome to the second episode of Rise Up Nation, going live at 2 PM EST!


Hey everyone, we're back after a week off (Sorry about that, it was my fault!) and today we're going to go over some basic sports news and then go over the NFC South with some detail. Feel free to chime in on here or in the chat on blogtalkradio!

As always, if you're out and about and want to listen, call in to listen at (347) 884-9633

Or you can listen online at

Hopefully my mic doesn't have issues this time, but if it does, I won't even know because I can't hear myself.

It looks like I'll be going by myself this time, so ask me all kinds of questions in the chat here or in the chat on BlogTalkRadio so I have other things to talk about! Thanks for tuning in!