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The Road To The Super Bowl Goes Through Which NFC Teams?

Debating the NFC Championship Game matchup.


It's not a stretch to say that some of the best teams in the NFL are concentrated in the NFC. The question becomes which two will survive to the NFC Conference Championship Game.

As I see it, you've got about six teams that spring readily to mind, and a handful of others who could make more noise than we expect in 2013. The six I think of would be the Atlanta Falcons (of course), Green Bay Packers, San Francisco 49ers, Seattle Seahawks, New York Giants and Chicago Bears. You could make a legitimate case for the New Orleans Saints, Washington Redskins and even the St. Louis Rams, who look like they're be sneaky good this season.

Now I ask you to make your predictions about who will end up in the NFC Conference Championship. You can put me down for Falcons/Seahawks, which would be one hell of a game.

What say you?