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How Concerned Are You About Falcons Linebacker Depth?

Every position on the roster has some risk, but linebacker is worse than most.


The Atlanta Falcons have some depth issues. That's not a secret to anyone, least of all Falcons fans.

Most positions, the starters are so strong that it doesn't particularly matter, and there's at least a decent stopgap lurking in the background if guys miss a game or two. That's not the case of linebacker, which I have to admit is a source of ongoing anxiety for me.

That's because the position is staffed by three pretty solid starters,when all is said and done. It's also because they're backed up at the moment by a bunch of UDFAs and Brian Banks, an intriguing talent who hasn't played organized football in years. That's not a recipe for confidence.

The Falcons may well be able to turn these guys into gold. They may wind up taking some combination of Banks, Nick Clancy, Pat Schiller, Paul Worrilow and Jopla Bartu into the season and having them serve as solid reserves, at minimum. But we can't guarantee that, and this looms as the position with the weakest depth.

What say you? Are you concerned about linebacker?