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Matt Ryan's Deal Is Going To Be A Blockbuster

The Matthew Stafford extension confirms that the Falcons are going to shell out a healthy extension to Matt Ryan.

Scott Cunningham

We all knew that Matt Ryan's next contract was going to be pretty massive, after Joe Flacco signed a deal that I can only call "ill-advised."

The latest evidence of that comes from the deal for Matthew Stafford from the Lions. Stafford is a slightly younger, extremely gifted quarterback who is prone to buckets of mistakes at once. He just got a $53 million extension over three years, with $41.5 million in guarantees.

It doesn't need to be said, but Ryan's resume is more impressive than Stafford's or Flacco's. We can debate playoffs, sure, but the life of his career has been one long string of successes marred by a couple of middling playoff spots. Ryan really arrived on the scene last year, he knows the Falcons can't let him get to free agency in 2014 and the Falcons look like a potential Super Bowl contender again in 2013. He's got quite a bit of leverage here, and even if he's willing to cut this team a break, he's still going to be paid quite handsomely.

I think it's safe to assume the Falcons will look to give Ryan at least five seasons with $50+ million in guarantees, unless Thomas Dimitroff works his wizardly magic once more.

What's your prediction for Ryan's contract?