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Keep An Eye Out For Camp Casualties

The Falcons may not be done adding to the their roster, but any moves likely won't come until other teams make cuts.


The Seattle Seahawks may be cutting guard Paul McQuistan. Normally, that wouldn't be enough to register even a blip on the Soviet-era Falcoholic radar, but in this case, we're quite interested.

Why? Because McQuistan is a canary in the coal mine for the releases to come. Teams will be cutting dozens upon dozens of players in the weeks ahead, and while close to 90% of them will be of no use to the Falcons, there are a few players who could actually be useful.

Projecting those players will come later, when the rumblings around who's getting the axe become more concrete. We can start with McQuistan, a 30-year-old versatile lineman who started at left guard just a year ago for the Seahawks and played pretty darn well. If the Seahawks cut him, the Falcons might be interested as a versatile backup with quite a bit of experience, given the relative youth of their current backups.

Anybody you have your eyes on who might get the axe?