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Robert McClain Will Man The Slot In 2013

This is Robert McClain time to shine, but not on the outside.


The Falcons struck gold with Robert McClain, and they know it. They're just not willing to move him out of the slot.

That's the word from the National Football Post, which passes along a report that the Falcons are intent on keeping McClain in the slot, where he was one of the league's best—and most surprising—cornerbacks of 2012. This would seem to be confirmation of what we all thought was likely.

McClain's stellar play in the slot ensures the Falcons have strength there, and Asante Samuel is effective enough outside against opposing top receivers that the Falcons can afford to let a rookie grow a little. At this point, I'd have to consider Desmond Trufant the favorite because of his draft position and polish versus Robert Alford, but you can't count the latter out given his considerable talent.

With two of their top corners and both of their starting safeties locked in, the Falcons' secondary should be in relatively good shape. Do you think it's wise to roll with McClain in the slot?