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Is Mike Johnson the favorite at right tackle?

Tyson Clabo's departure left a question mark at his position for the Falcons. Who will they be starting at right tackle in 2013?


The Atlanta Falcons have a lot of questions to answer on the offensive line as they prepare for the 2013 season. Who replaces Tyson Clabo at right tackle may be the biggest concern.

Dave discussed right tackle in April, saying his "money's on (Lamar) Holmes." At this juncture, though, the feeling seems to be that Johnson is ahead in the battle.

John Manasso of Fox Sports South said Johnson has been running with the first team at right tackle during OTAs. Daniel Cox recently talked about Johnson being ready for a shot this season as well. He continues to come up in the spotlight, while the discussion surrounding Holmes is nowhere to be found.

Johnson played 117 snaps last season, spread across three positions on the offensive line. He's versatile, and more importantly, he has the edge in experience. Holmes missed rookie camp and OTAs in 2012 due to a foot injury. Add in his seven total snaps of regular season action, and the coaching staff might not feel as confident about throwing him in right away.

Now, should we take news out of OTAs as the gospel? Of course not. But Johnson does appear to be the leading candidate for right tackle at this point. The former All-American at Alabama (ROLL TIDE) is getting a chance to prove himself. We'll see how it plays out during training camp and preseason action.

Thoughts on the right tackle situation?