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How Many All-Time Greats Are On This Falcons Team?

A question for the ages.

Kevin C. Cox

It's fair to say that this is the best five year run in Atlanta Falcons history. You can give credit to whoever you want, but at some point we need to start looking at this roster and deciphering how they've gotten to this point.

We can start by pointing out who on this team have a chance to go down as some of the best players in Falcons history. This team has had a rough history, for the most part, but they've also had some truly great players along the way. The talent the 2008-2013 Falcons have managed to assemble is, by those standards, pretty damn impressive.

For me, a short list would look something like the following. Note that Todd McClure and John Abraham would be on here if they were, you know, still currently Falcons. They deserve mention nonetheless:

  • Matt Ryan. Already arguably the best quarterback in franchise history.
  • Roddy White. Arguably the best receiver in Falcons history, and he'll likely remove the "arguably" by the end of this season.
  • Tony Gonzalez. One of the best tight ends in team history despite the short time he's played for the franchise.
  • William Moore and Thomas DeCoud. Not yet the best safeties in team history, but certainly the best tandem the team has had.
  • Matt Bryant. Money!

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