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The No-Huddle Will Be Integral For The 2013 Atlanta Falcons

Unsurprisingly, the Falcons plan to keep defenses off-balance again in 2013.


The Falcons truly excel when they can tire out opposing defenses and do the unexpected. An effective ground game is a good way to wear out a D, sure, but so is keeping personnel on the field and forcing them to adapt on the fly.

The no-huddle has been a truly effective weapon for our Falcons, and they're showing no signs of letting up on its usage in 2013. Indeed, they seem to be committing to making it even better this season:

"I think it helps the players learn faster," Koetter said. "It’s great for everybody. It’s great for the quarterbacks to be able to go through their checks and everybody has to get the signals. It’s just a smart way to work."

With the Falcons' team speed and Ryan's general excellence when he's allowed to have some degree of control over the plays, the no-huddle is a surefire wear to give opposing defensive coordinators headaches. The Falcons put up eight touchdowns on drives lasting four or fewer plays, as the linked article notes, and they're very capable of dictating tempo.

How often do you think the Falcons will use the no-huddle in 2013?