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The Falcons WIll Need To Help Desmond Trufant In 2013

The rookie cornerback won't be on an island, and he shouldn't be.


Depending on the position they play, rookies can be eased into roles or thrown into the fire. When you're talking about covering opposing #2 receiver, it's more or less always the latter.

Desmond Trufant seems exceedingly likely to grab that role in 2013, leaving the Falcons to figure out the best way to help him out. Even if Trufant is an immediately terrific cornerback, he'll go through the growing pains associated with being a rookie and trying to cover guys who are bigger, faster, stronger and more experienced than college players. That's not an easy task.

The Falcons will counter that by offering him help from the safeties. Thomas DeCoud and William Moore have their lapses in coverage, but they're both useful players to have around the ball and they're both capable of laying down a bit hit after the catch. The Falcons know they can more or less leave Asante Samuel on an island on the other side of the field, which makes this easier.

I do believe Trufant will excel early on, but it never hurts to have a little help. How do you think the Falcons will ensure that Trufant's rookie season is a successful one?