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Of FanPosts, FanShots And Fandom


About a month ago, I mentioned that I wanted to do a better job of highlighting the great work you all do in FanPosts. While a busy May got in my way-I won't bore you with the details-I wanted to loop back around to that now.

Before we get to that, let me remind everyone about some of the basics of creating an account and posting on The Falcoholic . If you're ready to start posting on The Falcoholic, you have to create a free user account. The benefits of creating an account with The Falcoholic (and subsequently SB Nation) are pretty awesome. You can:

  • Comment, of course;
  • Recommend and flag comments from other users;
  • Keep track of read and unread comments on each post (This is huge, people);
  • Post your own FanPosts and FanShots;
  • Join other SB Nation blogs and participate there; and,
  • Win friends and influence people.

Nice, right? Now, to return to the FanPosts and FanShots. I'm going to make a point of curating our Best of Falcoholic FanPosts group, for starters. I'm also going to promote the best of the best to the cover of The Falcoholic, giving everyone a chance to read your excellent work. Hold me to this promise.

A quick and dirty guide to FanPosts:

  • Don't post something that's been done five times already unless you have a truly fresh take. That prevents the list from becoming cluttered.
  • Don't post entire articles from other sources. They get mad when we do that. Also, always link to your source, for exactly the same reason.
  • Format, son! You can add images, blockquote and all the fancy things we can do here on the main page of The Falcoholic. Take advantage of that for greater readability.
  • Rec if you like FanPosts. That catapults them to the top of the list, which is where the best of the best belong!

Got any great ideas brewing? Hit up the FanPosts!