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Will The Offense Be Truly Unstoppable In 2013?

Despite outward appearances, the Falcons weren't unstoppable in 2012.


When you think back to the 2012 season, your eyes likely dance with visions of Julio Jones destroying the league, Matt Ryan putting up career numbers and a generally high-flying offense. The numbers bear that a point.

In 2012, the Falcons finished eighth in yardage per game, seventh in points per game, sixth in passing yards, and 29th in rushing yards. Those numbers are very, very good, with the exception of rushing, which I expect to improve with Steven Jackson on board. When you look at the talent on this team, however, you can't help but think they're capable of better.

Let me pose this question to you: Will the offense make the leap and be truly unstoppable in 2013? Will it be a top five unit in yardage and scoring, carving up opposing defenses and leading this team to the promised land? Or will they once again be very good, with a side of an opportunistic defense to push them over the top?

Let us start a raging debate, friends.