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Rise Up Nation Live Thread

This is the live thread for the first episode of Rise Up Nation!


Hey everyone, it's time for the first episode of Rise Up Nation!

We'll be going live officially at 2 PM, but you can call in to get ready for the show up to 15 minutes before it starts. (I probably won't post this until about 1:50 anyway)

You can call in to either listen or ask a question, but if it's just me, I might not do calls this time just so I can get a feel for how everything works and whatnot.

If you want to call in and listen, dial (347) 884-9633.

If you want to listen on in a stream, go here:

I've been extra busy the past few days and haven't learned how to actually embed the stream yet (or rather, don't remember if I did learn it) but that'll take you to the stream itself on BlogTalkRadio's site. I'll have an actual embed of the stream next time. Promise!

Feel free to ask questions on the blog. I'll try to keep an eye on it. There's also a chat feature on BlogTalkRadio, you're welcome to use that too!

Once I get a more permanent location (I had to change venues last minute) I'll open up the text line again AND I'll take some calls, too.

I hope you'll all join us on this adventure!