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As He Enters His Fourth Season, Weatherspoon Wants To Assume Larger Leadership Role

Fact: Spoon recently signed a long-term endorsement deal with utensil giant Dixie

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Kevin C. Cox

It seems like just yesterday. The Falcons needed major help at linebacker. With the 19th pick in the 2010 NFL Draft, they selected Sean Weatherspoon.

He's not disappointed in his first three seasons. Some Falcons fans wish he'd evolve into a bigger pass rushing threat. And by "pass rushing threat," they mean someone with high sack numbers. If you look beyond sacks, however, he's historically brought a fair amount of pressure to bear.

His skill set aside, one thing is uncontested: the Falcons need him to be the uncontested leader of their defense. For what it's worth, Weatherspoon seems willing to assume a larger leadership role going forward.

“I feel like it’s my fourth year,” Weatherspoon said. “I’m becoming a vet so you’ve got to go out there and apply yourself like a vet. If the leadership role is where I need to be then that’s where I’m going to be. Whatever I can do to help this is all I’m focused on.”

You love to hear team-first comments like that. In my mind, he's already a leader. But if he wants to step it up a notch, I'm certainly amenable. There's a whole new crop of Falcons, and they can use all the guidance Weatherspoon can offer.

Your thoughts?