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Falcons Fourth on Latest Power Rankings

These things matter, right?


We may not all agree that the Falcons should be listed fourth, behind Seattle, San Francisco and Denver, on's latest power rankings, but we can all agree that it's way too early for power rankings.

That being said, its the offseason, and we have to have something to talk about. In the previous power rankings, which came out in May, the Falcons were also fourth. The only change to the top few teams in this most recent version is that Seattle hopped over San Francisco for the top spot, thanks to the Michael Crabtree injury.

On the Falcons, Elliott Harrison of basically just rambled a little bit about Richard Seymour and then said a bunch of stuff about J.J. Abrams, so it's basically really insightful stuff.

What do you think about these latest power rankings? Are the Falcons ranked too high, too low, or just right? What do you think about the rest of the list? Discuss!