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Your Most Memorable Falcons-Related Encounter

Fact: Rich McKay has less hair than you'd think

Mike Zarrilli

Monday night group discussion for the insomniacs. Huzzah!

Tonight we're discussing memories. Memories are great, especially when they're not clouded by excessive amounts of beef jerky, corn muffins, and Crown Royal. In this instance, we're talking about Falcons-related memories. And not just any memories - they have to be memories of a Falcons-related encounter. For example, maybe one time you found yourself in a urinal adjacent to a urinal Jacquizz Rodgers was using. Sure, he was using the little kid urinal, but you avoided eye contact like Dave avoids sobriety.

My most memorable encounter came in 2007. I was a senior in college, home for the weekend, and my cousin managed to snag us some very good seats to the Falcons/Panthers game. You see, at the time, he was dating a Falcons cheerleader. Because she was a cheerleader, we were allowed to use the players' parking lot. Putting aside the plethora of Bentleys and Escalades, we also got to use a special elevator. This elevator was going to take us up to our seats, and I didn't think much of it. Then I saw him: Rich McKay. The Falcons were embattled in the biggest PR controversy in franchise history, and the man, the myth, the legend was right there, standing in front of me, looking fairly preoccupied. Did I say anything? Absolutely not. I just drooled profusely and stared at him awkwardly. Then we reached our floor, and I got off the elevator.

Your turn. Ready? Set? Go!