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Bradie Ewing Has A Leg Up Early On The Fullback Competition

Last year's injured fullback rookie is now the likely starter.

Daniel Shirey

The outstanding question with Bradie Ewing, all along, was whether or not he would be healthy enough and effective enough to seize the starting role he was drafted for a year ago.

We appear to have our answer, in an AJC item from last week quoting Mike Smith:

"Bradie has made a very swift recovery from the ACL injury that he had during the season. He’s way ahead of schedule. He’s 100 percent and I think he’s probably better now than he was when he got here in terms of his strength. He’s done a great job with Marty and A.J. in our athletic performance group. He’ looks really good.”

He'll still have to win an honest competition, but the Falcons didn't spend a draft pick on Ewing because they didn't like him. An excellent blocker with some athleticism, he has to be considered the favorite to be the team's full-time fullback.

Your thoughts on Ewing?