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Rise Up Nation: 6/30/13, 2 PM EST

The first episode of Rise Up Nation will go live at 2 PM on Sunday.


Hey everyone,

Apologies for taking so long to relay this information. I've started back at my grocery store job and that, combined with my internship that is almost an hour away, means I don't have nearly as much time at home!

The first episode of Rise Up Nation will go live at 2 PM EST Sunday afternoon instead of 1, because aforementioned grocery store job has me working until 1 PM that day. This gives me time to get set up and whatnot and make sure everything is in running order.

I'll be streaming the show through BlogTalkRadio, as many of you know.

The two ways I know of to listen in are either by calling in and using your phone OR streaming it through your computer, which I will provide a link for on Sunday.

Sunday morning, I'll have a thread up early in the morning with further instructions as to how to call in, etc. etc.

Because the other writers of the blog are a bunch of slackers like myself, I don't know if any of them will be joining me on Sunday. If not, I may not be able to field calls. However, this is a learning process, so we'll take it as we go. This show will be airing every Sunday at around 1-2 PM EST. I'll let everyone know if the time changes. The show time will also probably be just 60 minutes, at least for the first episode. I'll likely introduce myself and say a little bit about me, then we'll get to the good stuff: Falcons talk!

I look forward to sharing my passion of broadcasting with you all! See you all on Sunday!