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The June 29 Mike Nolan Approval Poll

The popular defensive coordinator has transformed the Falcons defense.


It would be a little unfair to Mike Nolan to say he does his work with smoke and mirrors. Yet given the illusory fronts his defenses present and the way he coaxes quality performances out of guys who haven't played well in the past, it's at least a little bit accurate.

In 2012, Nolan did a nice job of turning the Falcons defense into an opportunistic, turnover-happy unit that was able to mask some of its weaknesses in terms of physicality and tackling. With another year and new personnel to mold, Nolan should be able to improve on that. Or will he?

It's your call. Use our poll below to tell us how you think Nolan's done thus far and how you expect he'll do, with five being the best and one the worst.

Vote away!