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The June 27 Mike Smith Approval Poll

A poll to determine how Mike Smith is perceived by Falcons fans coming into 2013.


The Atlanta Falcons have had a remarkable run of regular season success, but it was only last year that they began to build on that and do something in the post-season.

Unfairly or no, Mike Smith has a reputation as a coach who can't get it done in the big game. Screw the unfairly or no, it is unfair. The Falcons are the most successful they've ever been under Smitty, and they'll be gunning for even bigger and better things in 2013.

My question to you, on this day, is how you would rank the job Mike Smith's done with these Falcons up to this point, factoring in what you expect from him this year. Use our 1-5 scale, with five being the highest, to tell us what you think.

Sound off!