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Should We Never Say Never When It Comes To John Abraham?

Fact: John Abraham learned his pass rushing prowess from Captain Insano

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Grant Halverson

John Abraham was a dynamic, quarterback-munching football player during his time as a Falcon. Many times since Blood Monday the Falcohol-chugging masses have begged him to come back. Each time, he makes it clear, it's not his decision. In other words, the team didn't want him. Even so, with training camp on the horizon and Abraham still a free agent, could the Falcons re-think their approach?

I’m still puzzled why the Falcons made the decision to cut Abraham so quickly, given he has been by the the team’s most productive pass rusher by far. Acquiring Osi Umenyiora was a great move. But subtracting Abraham from the roster diminishes the overall impact of that move.

To be sure, Abraham was and is on the decline. That's not to say he can't contribute going forward, because he can. In fact, in a vacuum, I see not reason not to have him in our defensive end rotation. But alas, there are myriad reasons he won't come back. First, he already took a "hometown" discount, then the Falcons cut him. Ouch. That has to hurt, and I'm sure he's still a little perplexed by the timing of it all. Second, there's no guarantee the Falcons could come to terms with Abraham. They'd likely need to lock down Matt Ryan first, and there's no guarantee that happens before training camp starts.

Your thoughts?