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Drew Davis Has The Lead For #4 Receiver Duties

Why you should care about the fortunes of Drew Davis.

Scott Cunningham

Drew Davis is a neat story, no matter who you are. He's an undrafted free agent out of Oregon who clawed his way up from UDFA to practice squad player to bonafide NFL wide receiver. Davis even scored a pretty thrilling touchdown for the Falcons in 2012.

That's why it's heartening to hear that Davis has the inside track to the fourth receiver gig. Talent matters on this roster, and Davis is sure-handed enough and fast enough to make an impact on those limited snaps where he'll be called upon to do so. If he can continue to develop special teams value—and he probably is, since the Falcons seem to be leaning toward installing him as the fourth receiver—then he has a chance to be quite valuable.

The Falcons don't necessarily need massive upside attached to inconsistency at fourth receiver, which is unfortunately what Kevin Cone has offered up to this point. If Davis can reel in ten passes, keep defenses honest and help out on kicks and punts, this will be great.

Do you think Davis wins the role?