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You Should Expect Versatility From Robert Alford In 2013

Fact: Robert Alford gets an intravenous injection of Wheaties (a non-banned substance) twice weekly

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

It's always tough to predict a rookie corner back's success. For most corners, the learning curve is steep. And really, if we're honest about it, expecting immediate success at that position isn't really fair. Why? Because of the competition.

Even the best college corners need to find their groove in the NFL. You always hear rookies, regardless of their position, talk about the speed of the game. Make no mistake, there is a difference. At best, you expect versatility and a willingness to learn. If you get that, you're doing just fine. It sounds like Robert Alford is bringing both his versatility and willingness to learn to the table. Can't hate on that.

Alford was one of the top combo cornerback/return man options in the draft. Alford has been taking reps at the return position with others and he’s using his versatile experience as a corner at Southeastern Louisiana University.

The more I hear about Alford, the more I like. When all is said and done, I'm not sure Alford's value won't equal or exceed that of Desmond Trufant. To be sure, Alford has some ground to cover, and Trufant has the most starting ability at this point. Trufant is incredibly talented, but as many have pointed out, Alford was an absolute steal in the latter portion of the second round. Best case scenario, we've locked down one of our two starting corners of the future. Worst case scenario, Alford is a versatile slot corner will the ability to return as needed.

Your thoughts?