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Jacquizz Rodgers Faces Uncertain Role In 2013

The gifted yet short back has some questions coming into the next season.


Jacquizz Rodgers did quite a bit with his 100-plus touches last year, breaking a few ankles and intriguing the Falcon faithful. What he didn't do is earn a starting job for 2013, because Steven Jackson.

Now, Rodgers admits he's not quite certain what his role will be this season. S-Jax figures to dominate the carries in much the same fashion Turner did a year ago, but it's also conceivable that Jackson could get even more carries if he's as effective as he always is. That would Rodgers with a potentially diminished role, especially since Jackson is capable of catching the football frequently.

The Falcons should still find plenty of use for Rodgers, who has deceptive power for his size and enough agility to make him a feared weapon. It's just likely that on balance, he's going to get less carries and less overall touches than he did in 2012. All we can hope is that he makes the best of them.

What are your expectations for Jacquizz?