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Don't believe the injury rumors

The Internet is stupid.


In today's world, creating injury rumors about NFL players is apparently becoming a popular hobby. A story started circulating this week saying Julio Jones broke both of his legs in a car accident (at least that's what I think it said). Don't pay any attention to it.

Need proof?

OK, I guess that's convincing. I seem to recall the same rumor starting about him last year as well. Someone must really want Julio to break his legs.

A similar rumor started yesterday regarding Drew Brees. The Saints quarterback also tweeted he was fine and everyone realized (hopefully) that it was false.

When something like this starts to spread, fans on Twitter begin to panic, regardless of knowing if the story stems from a credible source. A friend of mine started tweeting about Jones breaking his legs and how upset she was. Let's all take a minute to think about where the news is coming from before chaos ensues.

Use Jay Adams as a reference. He'll let the public know when there's a story to actually report on.