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Chase Coffman Had Impressive Off-Season, Contining To Impress In OTAs And Mini-Camp

Fact: My name is James, and I'm a Chase Coffman hater


I haven't always been in Chase Coffman's corner. I'm still not entirely in his corner. Heck, I firmly believed we needed to draft a tight end early in the draft. I didn't get my wish, just like I didn't get the Desert Storm GI Joe I asked Santa for when I was eight [insert sad face]. But I'll give it to him, he's apparently impressing the right people. And by "right people," I mean Mike Smith.

Thursday's final practice of minicamp saw more of the same from Coffman and Smith was pleased with the work his young tight end has put in throughout the offseason.

“Chase has had a really good offseason," Smith said. "He’s had a lot of opportunities to get some snaps in. He’s made the most of it. He made a couple of really great catches today. We were specifically working on the red zone area and as you know our tight end is highly involved in the red zone. I thought he did a good job.”

Here's the thing, Coffman can improve all he wants, there won't be many snaps to go around this year. With Roddy White, Julio Jones, and Tony Gonzalez dominating the passing game, there aren't many other opportunities. Throw in two running backs that are proven threats in the passing game, and it's doubtful the 2nd and 3rd tight ends will find the field much in 2013.

That said, someone has to take Gonzalez's spot when he's gone. It could be Levine Toilolo, but that's not a given. The Jolly Green Giant Toilolo has to put in work, and he's never been effective in the slot/short range. Coffman, as surprised as I'd be to see it happen, could be the guy. Then again, this is the off-season. One catch does not a career make, and if the coaches are talking about you, it doesn't necessarily mean much. Training camp is much more determinative.

Your thoughts?