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Falcons May Move Kroy Biermann To Linebacker

The longtime defensive end may be moving back to linebacker in 2013.

Kevin C. Cox

Kroy Biermann has come a long way since he was selected in the fifth round of the 2008 NFL Draft.

Duff Man has never been a true standout, but he's been a truly versatile defender with special teams value since entering the league, and that's been enough to help him earn part-time starting gigs at defensive end in recent years. He also was second on the team in sacks a season ago, which is impressive for a guy never known for posting high sack totals.

With the Falcons sinking multiple picks and one signing into defensive end this off-season, someone was going to have to move or get cut. It's not surprising that Biermann has emerged as a leading candidate to move.

Now, a healthy note of caution. This Fox Sports South reportt is doing a bit of speculating, and no one in this article comes out and says Biermann's moving. It's a good educated guess, though, given the logjam at DE and the need to add talent to linebacker:

"Well, again, I think he was really a hybrid guy last year in terms of the position that he played," Smith said. "With coach Nolan’s staff, they’ve put together a package that creates multiple looks for the offenses and those offenses take into account who’s standing up, who’s got their hand on the ground and trying to create confusion for the quarterback and offensive coordinator, trying to figure out what front we’re in and what coverage we’re playing."

Ultimately, even if Biermann moves, he'll still get snaps at defensive end. What do you think of this potential move?