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Falcons "Monitoring" Richard Seymour, Says Thomas Dimitroff

The veteran free agent is definitely on the team's radar.

Jeff Gross

There's been conflicting reports regarding whether the Atlanta Falcons plan to sign Richard Seymour. The smart money has always been on the Falcons at least kicking the tires, so I've been willing to let it play out.

Thomas Dimitroff has given us the slightest clue about the team's intentions in a conversation with ProFootballTalk, admitting the team is at least monitoring what Seymour's up to, with the possibility of a signing:

"That’s something that we are just continuing to keep our eye on like many other people in this league."

As Dimitroff statements go, this one is semi-illuminating. Just by admitting the team has interest at some level, we can guess there's a decent shot the Falcons will sign him. Seymour has admitted being interested in playing for a contender, he has local ties and the Falcons can offer him a significant role on Mike Nolan's defense.

Your thoughts on a Seymour signing?

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