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While Not a Leader in the Race for a Roster Spot, Brian Banks is Still Doing all the Right Things

Fact: Brian Banks' story makes me want to sob like a 4-year-old girl


Still a long shot to make the 53 man roster, Brian Banks is apparently trending in the right direction during mini-camp.

There’s reason for Banks’ confidence as the countdown to training camp continues. Every day after practice, linebackers coach Glenn Pires will present his players with a sheet of paper that is used for corrective purposes. It shows all of the linebackers’ mistakes and where they succeeded.

After Day 1 of minicamp, Banks came in to the linebackers meeting to read his sheet: “Good, good, good, good, good,” Banks said, in every category.

So he's doing what they're asking him to, and he apparently handles constructive criticism very well. That won't land him on the roster, even if the Falcons are willing to give him an extended look. You just can't understate the significance of what Banks has missed. That said, it's not like the Falcons have a wealth of linebacking depth. The opportunity is there, but he will need to beat out a vet or two and several UDFAs to get that roster spot. It's possible, however unlikely.

Your thoughts?