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Save The Date: 6/30/13

The Falcoholic's own radio show, Rise Up Nation, is going live for the first time on June 30th.

Even Coach Smith is happy to hear this news!
Even Coach Smith is happy to hear this news!

I'm getting married! Just kidding. We're not quite there yet.


It gives me great pleasure to officially announce that The Falcoholic's own radio show is going live on Sunday, June 30th, at 1 pm. It'll be your football/sports fix until real football comes around.

Unfortunately, Rise Up Radio was already taken, so I had to go with Rise Up Nation. I do believe it fits, given that we are a community of Rise Up people all over the country (and in some cases, outside the country!)

SB Nation has partnered with BlogTalkRadio to provide an avenue for us to stream a radio show for our blogs. That also means that I should be able to broadcast from my house, even on my lame internet! If not, we'll make it work. Promise!

It's taken a good bit of toiling and troubling to figure all this stuff out regarding the show, but I'm happy to say that it's definitely on now and there's a definite start date for when this is going to happen. At first, we'll just be feeling the show out a little, but perhaps in the future we'll be able to secure some interviews with people inside the Falcons organization. No promises, since they're very busy people, but we'll give it a whirl.

I've run a few sports shows here and there at school, so it'll have a more sports radio-like feel to it than the casual session we did during the draft (which was fun!).

Because it's the offseason, I may incorporate some other things into the show if we run, say, 2 hours. I'll look into it, because I know many of us are more than just football fans.

If you have any suggestions for the show, or if you'd like to be a guest on one of the shows, let me know in the comments! This is our show, so let's make it better than everyone else's!

I'll give out more concrete details in the coming days. I hope that whether you're a guest or not, or whether you post much on this site or not, that you'll join us on this new adventure into sports radio!