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How'd You Get Your Username?

We all have our usernames, some quirky, some original. Others just display our love for our team in the plainest way possible. How did you come up with yours?


Hey everybody! Caleb here, and it's Memory Lane Monday. I'm running the show today because the other writers deserve a day off (except for that slacker James, he's got the night cap as usual). That also means that you'll get a bunch of useless knowledge and posts and nothing informative about the Falcons. Sweet success!

We all have our usernames. In fact, I've seen quite a few amusing and original ones! But usually there's a story behind why you chose your username. To get the ball rolling, I'll start with mine.

...after a long debate with the city council, I decided I should just pick my name! So original, right?

Just kidding. Some of you may not know this, but prior to being Caleb Rutherford on the blog, I was zippo729.

I don't remember exactly when "Zippo" started for me. I think it was around the 9th grade, when I lived with a friend of mine for my first year of high school. His family was an outdoorsy type family and I was introduced to Zippo lighters. I found them to be really cool, especially when they had awesome designs on them, and just took the Zippo name and started using it as a screen name.

I figured it fit, given I thought the name was cool and the word "zippo" seemed to fit with my lifestyle of being a skinny guy that liked to run fast. The 729 was just three random numbers. They have literally no meaning in my life whatsoever.

Thus, zippo729 was born, and that was me on here!

How'd you come up with your screen name? Did you put a lot of thought into it? Or were you more along the lines of "I'm the best Falcons fan ever" and put "I'm the best Falcons fan ever" as your name? Include as much or as little as you like.

Coming up on the blog today, a very special announcement at 12, why Trufant will most definitely start over Alford at 4, and the real reason why Peria Jerry is struggling at 7. Hope you'll be with us throughout the day today!