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Richard Seymour, Falcons Match May Not Happen

What once seemed inevitable for the Falcons now looks unlikely.

Ezra Shaw

There were many good reasons to believe Richard Seymour would end up in Atlanta. He wanted to play for a contender, he's from the area and the Falcons needed more help at defensive tackle.

Ultimately, though, we may have wanted to connect those dots a little too badly. While there were reports of contract negotiations all along, reports that have now more or less been confirmed, it appears the Falcons are either not getting Seymour at all or negotiations will need to pick up again down the line:

I don't care to speculate about why this might be, though certainly the Falcons didn't have a ton of cap space to make a big offer, and they may have lacked the will to do so. What's important to take away is that any potential deal is dead, at least for now. The Falcons could attempt to re-visit them, but I think it's more likely that they sign another free agent or just bolster their depth from within.

Your thoughts?

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