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New Falcon Stadium Design Will Feature Local Firms

The process isn't just for Kansas City.


When the Falcons hired 360 Architecture to head up the work on their new stadium, there was some grumbling about not hiring a local firm. Territorial? Why, no!

While 360 may not be local, they've brought aboard Goode Van Slyke Architecture (GVSA), Stanley Beaman & Sears, and tvsdesign to help out with the design work. All three are local firms with long experience, which gives the whole effort that local angle and brings some Atlanta-based expertise to bear on the project.

While I'm prone to mocking the idea that every project should be handled by exclusively local companies, there is a lot of value in having Atlanta firms consulting as you try to fit a gigantic, space-age stadium into the heart of Georgia. It's a little complicated, is all I'm saying.

What do you want to see from the new stadium?