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Mike Smith: Steven Jackson Is The Falcons' Version of Benjamin Button

Fact: Steven Jackson's chest hair has been used in lieu of bone marrow in bone marrow transplants

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I know we've gone a bit overboard with the homerific Steven Jackson content as of late, but there's nothing else to write about he's pretty awesome. And apparently he's the biological equivalent of a 22-year-old.

As Atlanta Falcons coach Mike Smith told USA Today Sports' Jarrett Bell, Jackson is "almost 30, but in a 22-year-old's body."

Always in phenomenal shape thanks to a more scientific approach to fitness, Jackson should be well prepared for an increased role in the Falcons' pass-centric offense. Matt Ryan is quick to point out that his new backfield weapon is "the size of Julio Jones" with soft hands for a running back.

It's always fun to use Julio Jones as a sizing metric. As in, "Did you see that rabbit in my back yard? It was the size of Julio Jones!"

All kidding aside, this whole science thing does seem to pay dividends for some veterans - look no further than Tony Gonzalez for proof of that. In fact, from an efficiency standpoint, 2012 (11th best DVOA in the league) was Jackson's best since 2009 (6th best DVOA in the league). And if you're not inclined to compare that to Michael Turner's 2012 DVOA, just know that it was significantly better (16.5 percent less efficient than league average or 37th in the league).

Your thoughts?