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Falcoholic Shirts Available

Did you know that you can order Falcoholic shirts via this site? If not, I'm about to completely make your day.

Steven Jackson is contemplating what to put on his custom Falcoholic shirt.
Steven Jackson is contemplating what to put on his custom Falcoholic shirt.

With veteran minicamp on the calendar for next week, and training camp just around the corner, it's time to wrestle with a very important question. Whether you're going to be sweating on the sidelines in Flowery Branch, or following along with the latest news at home, what are you going to wear?

Here's a suggestion: you could order a shirt from The Falcoholic, and represent your favorite team and your favorite Falcons blog at the same time!

Standard Falcoholic shirts are available via the "Store" link in the top menu bar. This is the simplest option. Even more exciting, if you click on the "Design Studio" link from that page, you have the option to design your own Falcoholic shirt. First, you select a product, and there are several t-shirt options from which to choose, including shirts designed specifically for women. Second, you'll want to create your design. The Falcoholic logo can be found under "Clip Art" and then "SBN Football." Just drop the logo where you would like for it to appear on the shirt, and all of a sudden, you're basically a graphic designer.


If you really want to get fancy, go ahead and add some text to the back of the shirt, by clicking the "Back" button, with the image of the back of the shirt, along the right hand side of your design screen. You could say something like, "The Saints are a Stupid Dumb," like I did, or you can add a name and jersey number to the shirt, if you prefer.


If you order a shirt from The Falcoholic, be sure to let us know what yours looks like!